J...'s WWW
Draw Over (2006)
The latest website developed by J... (2006) is dedicated to collaborative drawing. 12 parallel drawing rooms, limited time to draw over the previous image and votes to enter the gallery.
J...'s Processing sketchbook (2006)
The Processing sketchbook by J... (2006) presents numerous interactive and graphical applets realized using Processing. Full source codes are freely accessible and downloadable. Nevertheless, some unfinished applets can only be accessed by the articles in the blog below.
Le blog Ó J... (2006)
Here is the blog by J... (2006) on modern graphics, interactive design and futuristic techniques. Including a Who's who in interactive design. Also including various drawings and photomontages by J...
Absconsortium (2005, inÚdit)
Exclusive publication of a never-published site on consumption in a consumed society (2005). Nonsense and critical.
Abscons FM (2000-2002)
Historically, the first site by J... (2000-2002). Everything has a beginning.